Halfway Gone

The title cut. John Kranz (© 1982)

No Friend of Mine

Probably the first song I have ever written. John Kranz ©1982

The great Henry Hudson III was a friend of a friend and did the sax solo for me. This was the first take, for which I have never forgiven him. My great friends G-Jo & Michelle did the background vocals.

No Foolin'

The changes of this song are a gateway drug to jazz; the lyrics are a mash up of two poems I'd written. The guitar solo is pretty good for me.


Psychosomatic Blues ©1982 by Howard Ashby Kranz

All of Me ©1931 by Gerald Marks and Seymour Simons.

Napoleonne by Howard Ashby Kranz

Direction ©1982 by John Kranz

Too Beautiful for Words ©1982 by John Kranz

Love's Eyes ©1982 by John Kranz

Don't Look Back ©1982 by John Kranz